Unofficial Battlezone 1.5 Patch

Final 1.5.0 Patch

Full changelog for 1.5.0

All-In-One 1.5 Update Package (2012-01-04)

The update package contains everything needed to upgrade Battlezone 1.0-1.4 to 1.5:

Until I get a proper installer working, here's how to install the update:

  1. Start with a working Battlezone installation
  2. Rename (or delete) the "splash" and "addon" folders
  3. Unpack the 1.5 update archive into your Battlezone installation, allowing it to replace files
  4. Run vcredist_x86.exe, the Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable (x86) Installer
  5. Run dxwebsetup.exe, the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer
  6. On Windows Vista or Windows 7, run indeo_win32.reg (32-bit) or indeo_win64.reg (for 64-bit OS) to enable the Indeo codecs
  7. If starting from a pristine retail install:

Once the game is working, check the difficulty setting under Play Options since the values have changed since 1.4.


1.5.0 code changes and asset changes